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MB Kumalak 1.15

No Image Kumalak is a fortune-telling software based on the Persian form of geomancy. The Kumalak chart gives a relation between the different elements of nature and the parts of your body. MB Kumalak is an effective tool, which is based on the art of reading the placement of coffee beans or pebbles on the Kumalak chart or grid. This involves the art or practice of predicting fortunes and interpreting the near future of people. This is a completely freeware

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Free psychic readings 1

Free psychic reading - Facts about free psychic readings online.Free psychic reading can be used by you to find out some really cool info that could help you out in many different ways in your life. You can get a live psychic readings done that can give you some guidance in your romantic life. Free psychic readings are done on a voluntary basis so please do not make demands or you may be booted from the chatrooms! Free psychic readings are done in

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Magic speedreading 09.12: Speed Reading makes speed reading comfortable and pleasant.
Magic speedreading 09.12

Reading Is Not Magic", you can increase your facility for fast reading. You needn`t practice special exercises; it is enough just to read. Habitually returning to what is already read, that usually decreases the speed of reading, no longer happens. Reading each word individually becomes unnecessary because skillful fast readers do not individualize the text when reading at high speeds. You become accustomed to grasping a whole word or a group of

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MB Free Tea Leaf Reading 1.10: This program involves the art of prediction by reading the tea leaves.
MB Free Tea Leaf Reading 1.10

free program, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five to ten minutes. All you need to do is to input your question and concentrate on the same. Tasseography or Tea Leaf Reading is an ancient form of divination which originated in Asia, the ancient Greece and also in the Middle East and was for the first time introduced by the Gypsies. MB Free Tea Leaf Reading Software generates a reading for a person based on his

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ReallyEasyReader 4.0: Speed Reading Software: Simply the easiest way to read on a computer: Free Trial
ReallyEasyReader 4.0

Reading simple. You can change your reading speed in minutes. Simply load a document, click play, sit back and relax, and find yourself reading at twice your normal speed. ReallyEasyReader does the hard work for you. Similar to the way that the calulator and spreadsheet make maths easier, ReallyEasyReader is the first product of its kind to do the same to reading. We have moved all the techniques of speed reading into our software. Now everyone can

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MB Free Tarot Reading Software 1.25: MB Free Tarot Reading Software is a mystic tarot card reading divination tool.
MB Free Tarot Reading Software 1.25

MB Free Tarot Reading Software is a mystic tarot card reading divination tool. Tarot cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are seen as a means of getting in touch with the spiritual world. MB Free Tarot Reading Software also helps you improve your intuitive skills thus making you more sensitive to the unexplored psychic realm. This software uses the Rider Waite Deck for easy understanding.

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RocketReader 8.20: High performance reading software for readers of any level: progress in 10 days!
RocketReader 8.20

reading speeds AND improve your comprehension, reading stamina and vocabulary range. RocketReader uses the following highly effective speed-reading techniques, exercises and tests to show you how it is done and to train you to do it: * flash training * grouping exercises * speed training * practice readings * comprehension testing * speed timing RocketReader is a better way to learn speed reading techniques than learning from a book or attending

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